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Businesses that take on printing tasks on their own often end up wasting copious amounts of time, money and resources. Outsourcing printing services to managed service providers (MSPs) can solve these pain points. This initiative empowers your clients with the tools and knowledge to reduce printing costs and headaches.

What you get:

Call Script: Close more deals with a script addressing client pain points and highlighting solutions
Landing Pages (3): Convert website visitors into leads with targeted landing pages 
Blog: Establish yourself as a thought leader with a high-quality blog 
Direct Mailer: Make a lasting impression with a captivating direct mailer
Referral Email: Leverage the power of satisfied clients, encouraging them to become brand advocates
Prospect Emails: Reach out to potential clients with targeted messages addressing their concerns and offering solutions 
Social Media (12): Engage your audience and establish industry authority with pre-written, compelling social media content
Newsletter: Keep existing clients informed and engaged with valuable updates and insights
Client-Facing Presentation: Wow potential clients with a professional presentation highlighting your solutions and expertise
PPC Ad: Generate high-quality leads with a targeted pay-per-click ad campaign strategically crafted to reach your ideal clients


    Required Software:

    Microsoft Word

    Microsoft Powerpoint

    HTML Editor

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